Triathlon Phones

How smartphones help to make our lives better

Smartphones are not all about Snapchat, selfies or Pokemon Go. Since the advent of the true smartphone around a decade ago, they have helped to improve our lives immeasurably. In fact, they are helping to change the world!

Let’s take a look how.

They help to keep us safe

Did you know, your smartphone can be used as a very effective safety device? You can download apps that offer some form of personal safety such as bSafe for instance. Should you be travelling through an unsafe area, this app allows friends to track your journey in real time. Not only that, but should you fail to check in at a specified time, an automatic alarm triggers with the contacts you have set up using the app.

Mobile phones can also be tracked through their network providers and there have been numerous cases where police have tracked them to help locate people who have gone missing.

They are helping to improve lives in developing countries

Many developing countries, although still expanding their mobile phone networks, have seen the benefit of this device. Here, a few mobile phones can help teachers in classrooms bring the internet to children. This gives them valuable aid during their schooling and provides more information than a textbook ever could.

They actually save us time

Do they? Research conducted by Harris Interactive shows that smartphones apps can save people an average of around 22 days per year! This is due to the convenience they afford. For example, you can make appointments, check your email and buy items online without even having to leave your seat – you only need to lift your finger! I suppose the question is do we really use any of these saved 22 days productively?

They change how we use our brains

With the advent of smartphones and search engines such as Google, researchers have found that our memories work far differently than they did two decades ago. We don’t actually remember tons of information anymore. We now remember how to find the information we are looking for using one of many online methods. Is this a good thing? Well, your brain is certainly less cluttered than before and the information is filed away completely differently.

They give us more family time

I know what you thinking… how is this possible? Well, think about it. In the past number of years, many people can actually do their jobs from home, thanks to their smartphones. It’s a mobile office all in one. Together with a laptop, many workers only need a space to sit and a Wi-Fi connection and they can do their job at 100% capacity. Granted, they don’t help someone working in a factory, but IT technicians, journalists and the like all can work away from the office (many from home) thanks to their mobile phones.

They provide us with incredible utilities/tools

Ever considered all the things your smartphone can do? Think about it

Yes, those we all know about but it's still incredible that your phone can do these things. Download a few apps for your phone and it can be even more useful, for example, it can act as a torch or a spirit level. The possibilities are endless really.

Smartphones are incredible pieces of technology. Only a decade old, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. Just think of where they will be in the next 10 years!