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How to secure a mobile phone contract with a bad credit record

If you have a bad credit record, the chance of securing a mobile phone contract drop significantly. That said, it can still be done and we use the following model to help secure you a phone contract.

Comparing all available phone handsets

We start by looking at all the available handsets on the market. Of course, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or the latest iPhone is never going to be an option. Rest assured, there are plenty of other slightly older models of these phones that are available as well as a range of budget smartphones hitting the market. These have everything you could possible need in a phone. Let’s be honest, Apple and Samsung are just milking the public by releasing phones every year, aren’t they.

We suggest that you choose one of the budget mobile phone options. By doing this, you become less of a risk to the company giving you a contract as everything will be so much cheaper.

Sim only contracts

Handsets can be costly. This is often the reason why you are not given a mobile phone contract when you have bad credit. In fact, a new smartphone can push the monthly contract price up by over 100%.

You may want to consider a sim only contract, especially if you have a handset already, or maybe you received one as a ‘hand-me-down’. Why would you go with this option, as there is not a handset attached to it? Well, it is a great way to start improving your credit rating. Take out a few consecutive contracts like this, don’t default on a payment and perhaps the next time, the mobile phone network provider won’t see you as too much of a liability.

Up front deposits

Sometimes we encourage those seeking a mobile phone contract to pay an upfront deposit. This is another excellent way to show the mobile network provider that you are serious in taking their product. It also significantly lowers your risk profile making them far more likely to approve a contract for you. Again, this isn’t for everyone, but if you do have some spare cash lying around, it doesn’t hurt to use it in this way.

Speak directly to various Networks

It can help to speak directly with the network you are applying to and we can help you set this up if need be. Networks can be far more flexible when you chat to their customer service representatives face to face. Be prepared to speak to a few networks as one may reject you while another offers you a contract. Don’t give up after the first rejection.

So there you have it, four little techniques we use to try to secure you a mobile phone contract, even if you have a bad credit history. Of course, we have few other little secrets, but we cannot let the cat out of the bag about everything can we?

Remember to contact one of our experienced staff members should you have any queries about our services, or need more information about bad credit rating mobile phones. We want to help you secure a contract. We understand that you have been rejected before, but this is different. Here we are the bad credit mobile phone contract experts! We have helped over 95% of those who have come to us in the United Kingdom over the past decade. There is no reason at all that we cannot help you. Contact us today.