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Review: Samsung Galaxy S5

Although we cannot offer you the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 due to the fact that it would make contracts far too expensive for people with a poor credit record, we do have the Galaxy S5 in stock. Now when it comes to the two top brands in the world, you either love Apple or Samsung. Luckily, we can be very impartial, so expect this review to tell it like it is.

The Galaxy S5 is competing directly with the Apple iPhone 6 and it certainly comes out fighting! Galaxy has always been a strong brand for Samsung, and the S5 is no different, although it certainly builds on earlier models. Immediately, Samsung has made improvements in four key areas. These are the camera (far better picture quality and faster to use), battery life (a massive improvement over the S4), screen (not only brighter but much bigger as well) and the processor (extremely powerful and much quicker than previous models).

You could say that these changes are necessary and to be expected at the Galaxy range evolves. Sadly, many mobile phone manufacturers release new models without ever really upgrading everything as should be the case. The Galaxy S5 wins in this regard! This is a redesigned phone and it functions incredibly well, aiming to make the mobile experience better than ever before.

Of course, this is the real world. Will it win over an iPhone enthusiast? Well, probably when hell freezes over. Will Samsung fans love it? of course, they will. What about people with phones made by other manufacturers. Well, studies have shown that since the Galaxy S5 came out, many people have turned to Samsung from other phone manufacturers.

So there is nothing bad to say about it? Well, there is. No phone is perfect remember. The design is not very different to many phones available on the market. Don’t try and put a metal protective case on it, it just becomes too bulky and heavy. It has a small charger plug and charger port which sometimes doesn’t seem to make very good contact, although that could have just been our test phone. It also takes a fair amount of time to fully charge the battery. Ultimately, this is just knit picking. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a hugely impressive phone and perfect for those looking for an incredible piece of hardware but at the slightly reduced contract prices offered by a bad credit mobile contract.

Prices on this phone on a bad credit mobile contract will vary significantly depending on the contract itself. Please ask one of our experts to do a rough calculation for you to give you an idea. Should you like the Galaxy S5 but want something smaller to fit into your skinny jeans pocket or handbag, consider the Galaxy Alpha, effectively a ‘mini’ Galaxy S5. This pretty much has everything the S5 has to offer, but is smaller.